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Our Mission:

More High School Graduates

More Youth Enrolling in College, University or Trade Education.

Keeping kids in school can improve many life outcomes, including health, higher life-long earning potential, and lower the chances of at-risk behaviour.

Together we can build a skilled local workforce ready for the modern economy while helping local youth prosper.

Students with a minimum of one year of post-secondary education are shown to have $11,000 to $17,000 more in annual earnings during their lifetime, essentially putting them on a pathway to prosperity.

A growth mindset

Amber reflects on the On Track to Success program and her success coach, Liam, and its impact on her life now that she is in university. Amber talks about putting aside her fears and having a growth mindset.

Educators are seeing results

Melissa Cavallin is a donor and Vice-Principal at Assumption High School in Windsor, ON. She speaks to the impact the On Track to Success program has had on students.

Unlock Youth Potential

Equity and Empowerment

We take equity, diversity and inclusion seriously. We are embarking on a new On Track to Success program that will empower both youth and equity-seeking grassroots organizations that mentor black youth.


2020 On Track to Success Year End Report

2019 On Track to Success Year End Report

2018 On Track to Success Year End Report

2017 On Track to Success Year End Report

2016 On Track to Success Year End Report

On Track to Success Independent Program Evaluation Results, 2019


Near-perfect success rate for program helping low-income teens flourish

WDR Star ‘Come September, Amber and Ashley Buston-White will do something no one expected them to do, something no one in their family has done, something thrilling. They’ll go to university.

Windsor Star, May 2019

Positive results for On Track to Success program

CTV ‘The ‘On Track to Success’ program for the United Way of Windsor-Essex is showing positive results. Leamington Student Profile – Mackenzie.’

CTV, May 2019

Success stories

Paving the way to post-secondary

Lidiana talks about her career aspirations after graduating from United Way’s On Track to Success program.

Helping Youth Reach Their Potential

Brooklyn graduated from United Way’s On Track to Success program which helped her overcome both personal and academic struggles.

On Track to Success Grad Awarded Huge Scholarship

Leah, a Grade 12 student, was awarded the Ed Lumley Bursary in the amount of $32,000 – a life changing award for her and her family.