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United Way is changing the way it works with residents, community partners and local service providers to support the new Cradle to Career strategy.

Our Focus

United Way is focusing its community investments on improving outcomes for children and youth in Windsor-Essex County in the areas of out-of-school programs, improving elementary math and literacy outcomes, mental health, and nutrition.

Our three priority neighbourhoods include Downtown Windsor, West Windsor, and Leamington.

Trusted Federal Partner During COVID-19

In May 2020, the Government of Canada created the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to provide financial support to charities and other qualified groups which were adapting their frontline services to support vulnerable Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

United Way was selected to partner with the Federal government to support the investment of $1.76 million in our local community because of our ability to respond rapidly to our community’s unique needs during the pandemic.

Impact by the Numbers

  • 48,567 unique people served, with funds distributed to 52 local projects, 73% of which were new programs and partners not currently funded by United Way
  • 25,428 social inclusion calls
  • 28,006 home care visits
  • 13,524 information navigation calls and remote contacts
  • 18,443 mental health calls
  • 89,934 meals, food baskets and essential items delivered/served

United Ways across Canada supported this important effort. To see the national impact of this Federal investment on vulnerable Canadians visit 

Another $483,065 was raised to by United Way to support the local Covid-19 Emergency Response. 

Locally Funded ECSF Projects (2020-21)

Standing in the Gap for Migrant Farm Workers
Facilitated connection with 1,500 migrant workers to provide personal care kits, access to translators, transportation to medical appointments, and ongoing wellness checks.

(Big Brothers Big Sisters, CommUnity Partnership, Housing Information Services, South Essex Community Council, United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County)
Virtual After-School Program
Offered virtual program delivery, capacity building, and technology for collaborative of after-school program providers serving 200 children and youth in priority neighbourhoods.

ALSO Connex
Provided virtual support to 70 consumers to decrease social isolation as a result of COVID-19.

At-Home Activities Project
Provided at-home activity kits for 1000 children and youth with autism to during COVID-19.

Virtual After School Group Mentoring
Provided an after-school program for 48 children and youth ages 6-16 waiting to be matched in a 1:1 mentoring relationship.

Waiting List Summer Camp Program
Engaged youth through a camp for 48 children and youth ages 6-16 waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister.

Brain Connect Project
Provided virtual connectivity to support groups for 35 survivors and caregivers affected by a brain injury.

Client Assistance Fund
Provided short-term support to 200 clients who are experiencing financial hardship.

Safe at Home Project
Provided proactive and reactive services to 150 individuals, to prevent evictions within low-income housing resulting from the impacts of COVID-19.

Access to Technology Project
Assisted 50 newcomer refugees that normally would have direct access (face-to-face) to settlement providers and agencies in accessing services during COVID-19 by ensuring they have the required technology.

Shelter Modifications Project
Ensured that 50 individuals are provided shelter by supporting modifications and technology access that will enable operation at maximum capacity during COVID-19 restrictions.

Wellness Wednesdays
Connected 45 seniors to virtual wellness and physical activities delivered digitally. The program also expanded virtual wellness and physical activities by creating a virtual program platform. 

Access to Technology Project
Assisted newcomer refugees, that normally would have direct access to settlement providers and agencies, in accessing services during COVID-19 by ensuring they have the required technology.

Virtual Service and Support Program
Provided training, support, and capacity building services to 85 families with young children experiencing social isolation.

Settlement Services Project
Provided technology and personal protective equipment to allow for continued service for 100 refugee claimants and those with precarious immigration status to access services safely.

Access to Technology Project
Assisted 50 newcomer refugees that normally would have direct access (face-to-face) to settlement providers and agencies in accessing services during COVID-19 by ensuring they have the required technology.

Windsor Youth Centre Service Navigation Project
Provided 40 young people experiencing poverty and homelessness with supports and service navigation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIFT RE:ACT Online Program
Provided an online version of a 90-day outpatient program to support 50 individuals recovering from addictions and trauma.

Off Season Virtual and At-Home Camp
Provided new virtual programming and at-home supports to 130 children and youth with disabilities who are socially isolated due continued COVID-19 restrictions.

Community Connections Project and COVID-19 Modifications
Provided social support and information, and tools to comfort and empower 25 Chinese seniors facing COVID-19 isolation. Provided personal protective equipment and allow for office modifications required as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Counselling Support Line
Supported a 24/7 telephone and counselling line with qualified counsellors who provided immediate telephone counselling, support and referral services to individuals 16 years of age and older who are in need of mental health support and/or practical referrals and information (i.e. financial support) due to issues associated with and related to COVID-19.

Supports for Migrant Workers
Provided culturally appropriate food, personal protective equipment, and educational resources for temporary foreign workers in Essex County.

Homelessness & Housing Help Hub
Provided necessary supplies to operate a place for 400 people experiencing homelessness to go to during the day while complying with safety protocols.

Emergency Short-Term Financial Assistance
Provided assistance with basic needs during COVID-19 for 15 individuals.

COVID-19 Family Relief Program
Ensured ongoing supports are provided to 300 youth and family members.

Access to Technology Project
Supported 100 people living in low income, newcomers, and marginalized community members by accessing technology to participate in legal proceedings and other essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Migrant Worker Women and Gender-Based Violence Project
Provided information, support, and advocacy to migrant worker women through a community kitchen engagement and empowerment strategy.

Migrant Worker Group
Empowered migrant workers to co-develop and implement supports to enhance financial wellness, physical and mental health, access to legal supports, and social inclusion in Essex County.

Safe Transportation Project and Virtual Connection Hub Project
Ensured the safe transportation to access medical appointments, nutrition supports, and essential items for 180 individuals. Created a confidential, COVID-19 safe space for 75 refugee claimants to participate in the Refugee Hearing Program.

Nisa Homes Program
Increased supports for 100 immigrant, refugee, or non-status Muslim women and their children at risk of homelessness. Provided remote casework, counselling, and children’s programming for 20 additional Muslim women and their children.

(YMCA, Multicultural Council of Windsor-Essex County, Women’s Enterprise Skills Training, College Boreal, Unemployed Help Centre, Greater Essex County District School Board, New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc., South Essex Community Council)
Newcomer Education – Technology, Access, and Support
Allowed a collaborative of eight agencies to provide technology, access and support for 150 Newcomers living in low-income to participate in online English learning.

Connection and Wellbeing Consultant
Provided 400 individuals with connection to ensure well-being and referrals to appropriate supports during COVID-19.

(Alzheimer Society Windsor-Essex, Amherstburg Community Services, Community Support Centre of Essex County, Life After Fifty, South Essex Community Council, VON Windsor-Essex, Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre)
Windsor Essex Seniors Call Assurance Program
Allowed a collaborative of eight agencies to operate a seniors’ call assurance line and deliver individualized supports to seniors across Windsor-Essex County.

Translation Support for Health Information Services
Provided translation services for South Asian seniors receiving health information and social connection supports. Provided personal protective equipment, office modifications, and health information services to better support South Asian community members.

Equitable Sport and Health Program
Increased sport-specific virtual programming for 1000 Special Olympics athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Remote Education Liaison for At-Risk Youth
Provided mentorship, school liaising, emotional support, and system navigation for 15 homeless youth living in transitional housing who were attempting to adapt to changes in education due to COVID-19.

Technology for Social Inclusion and Learning
Eliminated barriers exacerbated by the pandemic for 60 immigrant and refugee women living in low-income to enable active participation in training and language courses, by purchasing electronic devices for long-term use.

Food Assistance Helpline Project
The Food Assistance Helpline Intake Worker arranged appropriate food supports through the Windsor-Essex Food Bank Association for individuals and families seeking help.

Visiting Nursing Project
Supplied medical tools to allow for continued provision of community-based home nursing care for over 1200 individuals while maintaining a safe patient environment and decreasing potential spread of COVID-19.

Ontario Student Nutrition Program
Supported 18,000 children and youth in 60 schools that were struggling to raise funds and shop for safe, pre-packaged food for their Student Nutrition Programs.

COVID Relief Packages for Youth and
Provided packages supporting the health and well-being of 75 youth living independently.

COVID-19 Relief Resource Room
Provided additional technology devices and other supplies to support Foster Parents and Resource Parents in Windsor-Essex County during COVID-19.

WECYAC Advocate Services
Increased available support services to victims of child abuse and their non-offending caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Islamic Social and Welfare Assistance
Provided personal protective equipment kits for over 500 individuals and families.

Device Home Delivery Project
Provided technology devices for a loaning program to ensure that seniors with a visual impairment or disability had access to information and maintain meaningful social connections.

Harm Reduction Chemical Dependency Program
Offered virtual harm reduction services to help 250 members of the LGBTQ2S+ community and allies who are seeking addiction support and who are not able to access in-person services due to COVID-19.

Taking Your Job Search Online
Created virtual resources to assist job seekers in Windsor-Essex County during the COVID-19 pandemic

Summer Educational Toolkits
Provided summer activity toolkits for 630 children living in low-income or at-risk neighbourhoods that focus on offline learning and play.

Virtual Babysitting & Home Alone Course
Provided free online courses for 320 youth who need the confidence to be home alone or develop skills to babysit family and neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic

Day Camp for At-Risk Kids
Enabled the delivery of a modified essential day camp for kids of families with no alternative care this summer.

COVID-19 Mental Health and Counselling
Provide virtual support and computer training for vulnerable youth.

Reading Project and Virtual Spelling Bee
Provided a reading program and virtual spelling bee to vulnerable youth to ensure social connection and education during COVID-19.

Funded by the Government of Canada

Funded by the Government of Canada

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