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Fundraise for Your Community

Learn how to plan and deliver a great United Way fundraising campaign

Plan for a great campaign

Although many of us continue to work remotely, the need in our community continues to grow. As a United Way workplace champion, you have the opportunity to bring your colleagues together to support their local communities through an exciting and engaging fundraising campaign.

We’ve got all the tools you need to help support your fundraising efforts. Whether it’s virtual or in-person, planning a great campaign is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. PLAN: Set the stage for a successful campaign

2. SHARE: Deliver an engaging and fun campaign in your workplace

3. WRAP-UP: Thank your donors and volunteers and lay the foundation for next year


Set your fundraising goal

The most effective way to motivate your campaign team and workplace is to set goals and work towards them.

Be sure to set separate goals for fundraising and staff participation that will help your workplace celebrate all of their accomplishments.

Thermometers help track your success and meet your goals. Download a poster from our resource library.

Check out our Virtual Special Events Guide and our Workplace Special Events Guide to help you reach your fundraising goals. Here you’ll find lots of fun team-building ideas to keep your colleagues engaged.

Need help goal setting? Your United Way staff partner is here to help. Reach out for assistance at any time at 519-259-6177 or 

Build your campaign team

Assemble a superstar team to help plan and execute your campaign. Some suggested roles:

  • Canvassers: ensures everyone in the workplace is asked and given the opportunity to participate in the campaign
  • Special Events Coordinator: designs and implements events to support your fundraising efforts
  • IT Coordinator: ensures virtual meetings and events run smoothly

Be sure to also include representatives from various levels of staff including Senior Management and Union representatives

Ready to launch!

Once you’ve decided on your team and your goals, the next step is to execute and achieve your fundraising goals. Already know what you need to do? Jump to our Resource Library to grab your tools and materials to get started.

Campaign Calendar Guide

A great campaign begins with an exciting kick-off

Start your campaign off on the right foot. A kick-off has many benefits:

  • Marks the start of your United Way workplace campaign
  • Provides employees with an opportunity to hear about the impact of their donations so they can make informed decisions about donating
  • Builds morale by bringing employees together virtually or in-person around a common cause
  • Gives senior management an opportunity to rally and motivate the staff
  • Throughout the campaign, clearly communicate United Way’s impact via stories, videos and other materials through email or your office intranet. We’ve assembled an online impact library to help, and you can find frequently asked questions here.
  • Distribute pledge forms or email links to online giving platforms immediately after your kick-off event

P.S. We’ve developed a great presentation that can be used to support you during the event

Learn about using social media to raise awareness and funds for our local community from United Way Champion Matt D’Asti.

Your United Way Relationship Manager is here to support you and help you plan & customize your kick-off. Don’t forget to reach out to them for assistance. Don’t know who to call? Reach out at 519-259-6177 or

Ask Donors for Support

The #1 reason people don’t give? They weren’t asked!

There are many ways to ask your colleagues for support and inspire them to donate

Make sure you and your canvassing team ask for donations in a way that feels genuine – consider sharing why you donate or sharing the story of someone impacted by a United Way-funded program or service.

Remember, by asking for donations, you will help people who need it the most, connecting them to the supports they need to thrive.

Some helpful tips as you begin to canvass:

  • 1-to-1 canvass is always ideal but if it’s not possible, distribute pledge forms or email links to online giving platforms immediately after your kick-off event or campaign presentation.
  • Keep a list of the colleagues you are going to reach out to. This will ensure that everyone gets asked for their support. Be sure to follow up with individuals who are away from work or on vacation.
  • If working remotely, consider meeting with staff virtually to ensure you can accomplish a face-to-face ask of everyone.
  • Remember, people give to people, so making the extra effort to connect with your colleagues personally can make a significant impact in the success of your campaign.

Finally and most importantly, make sure to thank each donor after they’ve pledged their support.

Wrap-up and say thanks

The end of your campaign is a time to celebrate achievements and thank supporters. Follow these easy steps to ensure the perfect wrap-up:

  1. Add it up – all funds raised through your campaign and workplace special events should be collected, counted and returned to United Way in the envelope provided in your kit. Reach out to your United Way Relationship Manager with any questions.
  2. Say thanks – a small but very important gesture. Donors, campaign team members and other volunteers need to be thanked. Consider using avenues already available in your workplace and other resources like emailing certificates, publicly recognizing individuals at a staff meeting or sending out a message through email or your intranet.

Look ahead – after all your hard work, take some time to note your successes and areas of opportunity for next year. This will help to set you up for success next year. Set a date and time to meet with your United Way Relationship Manager to debrief and plan for the year ahead.

CHAMP CAMP – The Fundraising Champion’s Guide

Stumped for ideas on how to engage your team in a United Way fundraising campaign?  Here are some tools of the trade for United Way champions.