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Living on the Edge is a three-hour, in-person simulation best suited for larger groups. Participants get a glimpse into the realities of families living in low-income, as they navigate through a month of challenges and budgeting. Participants are organized into family units, each with a scenario that describes their specific financial and personal situation. Using resources set up around the room, families must perform day-to-day tasks – sending children to school or daycare, getting to work, buying food, paying bills or visiting other community agencies, all while navigating life’s unexpected challenges.

Participating in the Living on the Edge simulation will help you to:

  • Gain understanding through a ‘lived experience’ about what it’s like to live in low-income, and the very real obstacles people face, as well as how difficult it is to change their circumstances
  • Learn about issues facing your community
  • Join the discussion on how to create positive change in Windsor-Essex County

Participants will take part in a debrief about their experiences following the simulation.

The goal of this experience is to challenge participants’ perspectives and inspire them to become involved in activities which help to reduce poverty in our community.  

Participating in Living on the Edge requires a minimum of 65 to a maximum of 80 participants.  There may be some costs, as well as physical space and volunteer resource coordination to book this activity. United Way will work with each organization according to their needs.

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