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10 Canvassing Tips

September 16, 2021 by wpadmin

There are many ways to ask your colleagues for support and inspire them to donate. Here are ten tips for a one-to-one canvassing meeting:

  1. Begin by thanking your colleague for agreeing to speak with you and discussing something that interests you both.
  2. Explain that the purpose of your meeting is to talk about United Way, your workplace campaign, and to ask for a donation.
  3. When canvassing virtually, keep your cameras on so you can speak face-to-face. If video conferencing isn’t available, consider connecting over the phone.
  4. Say: “If you’ve given to United Way before, thank you! Let me take a few minutes to tell you about what your donation has made possible. For example, thanks to your support, we are able to wrap supports around children and families – helping them to reach their full potential through programs like On Track to Success
  5. Explain your own reasons for supporting United Way.
  6. Outline the key facts about your organization’s campaign i.e., past achievements, your campaign goal, average giving amount, participation rates, etc.
  7. State your case—customize your ask based on who you’re talking to. What specific aspects of United Way’s work and how we help the community might resonate with them or motivate them to give?  Do they have the potential to be a Friend or Leadership donor, giving $500 or $1,200 annually?
  8. Say: “A donation directly to United Way means that you are building a brighter future for kids in our community. Can we count on your support today?”
  9. Make it easy—have a computer or tablet handy so they can give online or have a paper pledge form for them to fill out.
  10. Follow current COVID-19 protocols and workplace policies when canvassing 1-to-1.

Last updated on April 5, 2022

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