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Youth First Homework Club

May 10, 2019

In Elie’s words:

“I am a peer tutor for math and science at the after-school program for homework assistance at Catholic Central High school. I started volunteering at homework club from May of last year. I was introduced to this wonderful program by one of my friends, and since I did not need any assistance with my homework, I found it a good idea to help out those who perhaps need support. Homework club is a place where I love to be. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people including Miss. Heather who runs the program – she is always there and helps out as many students as she possibly can. A lot of the participants are newcomers to Canada so they might need help with their English, others might need help with writing a resume to apply for a job and she will gladly help them. She is an amazing person and loves helping people out.

I am not the only tutor at the program. There are many university students who volunteer as well – students at homework club get a lot of use out of them, whether it is by getting help in specific subjects or just talking about their major, or life at University or College. I see this as a fabulous opportunity for high school students to get a feel for what it is like to be a University student and if it truly is what they want to be doing after they graduate high school.

The best part about this program is that it does not just allow opportunities to get homework assistance, but it gets students to be comfortable and knowing that they are in a place where they feel safe and welcome. They also get opportunities to make new friends, which some might struggle in doing during school hours. It is a great confidence booster for them to be able to get through what might seem to be tough times. But at homework club there is no bringing people down, only confidence boosters exist in that room!

It is extremely relieving seeing students understanding their work when I am teaching them and that is one of the main reasons I try my best to make it there every single day. The smile I see on someone’s face that they actually “get it” means the  world to me and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Homework club is anyone’s home and a place where you always have something to gain and never anything to lose.” – Elie

Last updated on April 1, 2022

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