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On Track To Success – changing families’ lives for the better

April 27, 2023

A key pillar of the On Track To Success (OTTS) program is the wrap-around supports available to each student and their family. You might ask, what exactly does wrap-around supports mean? Danielle, the parent of an OTTS student, tells us in her own words what these supports are and the positive impact they have had on her daughter as well as her whole family.

All through Elementary School my daughter struggled with her grades, completing her schoolwork, and staying organized. When I questioned her Grade 8 teacher about how to help my child be more successful, he told me about the On Track to Success program.

My daughter is now in her second year of the program and since the very beginning her demeanor, academic skills and organizational skills changed for the better. The changes I saw within a year were amazing. My child went from struggling with grades to having amazing grades.

She was more outgoing and took on challenges with the mindset that she was capable of succeeding. Her teachers would make comments about how great of a student and role model she was for her classmates.

The On Track to Success Program offered numerous elements that we’re so grateful for. They helped her understand her classwork and assignments so that she could excel; they checked in with my daughter during tutoring to make sure her assignments were completed to the best of her ability. The staff are always willing to help and offer resources whenever possible.

The amount of support offered to families is amazing. On Track really helped put my child on the path to succes.

Danielle, Parent of an OTTS Student

When things were financially tight for me and my family, On Track helped any way they could. They provided me with gift cards for groceries and were even generous enough to set us up with a sponsor during the holidays so that my children could have a great Christmas. The staff has always been there whether it’s been to help provide resources that benefit my family, help relieve some financial strain, or just to lend an ear. They have always called, texted, or emailed me to see how my situation is and if things are better for me and my family.

The program also has caregiver engagement workshops that feature guest speakers who are specialists on the topic being discussed. These workshops have always been informative and relatable to the everyday struggles as a parent. Some of the topics discussed included the good and bad of social media, how to communicate and strengthen your relationship with your teen, and the challenges of parenting a teen.

The On Track to Success program really goes above and beyond for the people involved. This program has helped me through some of my most difficult times, and I can’t thank them enough.

This program has really changed not only my daughter’s life but our family life as well. Any donations to the program would be greatly appreciated so that On Track to Success can continue changing families’ lives for the better. – Danielle

Thanks to the generous donors and the On Track to Success program, Danielle’s family has been able to successfully navigate unexpected challenges and her daughter is on track to reach her full potential.

Graduating high school is one of the six milestones of the Cradle to Career strategy. High school graduates are more likely to have access to better employment and earning opportunities in the long-term.

The future of Windsor-Essex County starts with high school graduation. To learn more about the On Track to Success program, please visit

Last updated on December 19, 2023

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