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On Track to Pay it Forward - Mohamed's Story

March 30, 2023

Living through a pandemic has been hard. From one day to the next, major parts of our lives changed. Think back to the challenges we all faced and had to adapt to throughout the past few years. Now, imagine dealing with that uncertainty and constant adjustment while trying to navigate some of the most critical years of schooling.

Mohamed, an On Track to Success (OTTS) student, found it particularly difficult to excel in his high school classes through virtual learning despite the great educational support from his school. “When we were at home and we had to do everything from our rooms and laptops, it was hard to feel connected and feel productive at the same time.”

For Mohamed, it was very hard to adjust to virtual learning because he excelled with in-person experiences and liked having the ability to ask questions in the classroom. “Since school was online, I was not able to do that, and I was struggling with doing my schoolwork to a point where I was failing my math class.” This was particularly upsetting for Mohamed because he knew he was smart enough and capable of doing the work, but he was falling behind because of barriers beyond his control.

The On Track to Success program provided support that was crucial for Mohamed to succeed and had a big impact on his life. He was able to connect with a tutor who understood his learning style and helped him get through that very difficult time. “Without that help, I would not have been able to pass my class. I am forever thankful for the support that I received from the OTTS program.” says Mohamed.

The OTTS program is proud of the many success stories like Mohamed. He is one of the 95.8% of On Track students that graduated on time. On Track wraps support around a young person and their family to help them excel in their classes, graduate high school, and go on to college, university, or a trade. This would not be possible without the partners, donors and volunteers that make this work a reality.

On Track has helped me GET THROUGH all those tough times during high school.

Mohamed, OTTS Student

The support provided by the program extends after high school as well. Mohamed started university last fall and has had a very positive experience. He says “On Track has helped me with every step of the process. From applying to university, securing loans and community-based scholarships. On Track has also helped me get familiar with the campus and my future classes. Knowing that I have that support and someone always in my corner makes me feel confident that I can succeed.”

Mohamed is currently enrolled in Political Science. His goal is to go to law school and to eventually support immigrants and refugees to find a safe community to settle within. “My family and I came to Canada when I was sixteen, and I aspire to help provide opportunities for new families to be successful in the same way that I was gifted that experience,” he says.

89% of On Track students are enrolled in a post-secondary education program in college, university, or a trade. Mohamed knows the reason the program has had such great results: “I think of On Track as my “magic power”. Whenever I am lost or whenever I need help, they are always there for me. I have gained a lot of experience from the program activities, opportunities and from my Success Coaches’ experiences and advice. I have learned how to advocate for myself and how to reach out for the help I need when I need it.”

The future of Windsor-Essex County starts with high school graduation. To learn more about the On Track to Success program, please visit

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