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Ignite Academy Student Spotlight: Dominik & Soheila

January 11, 2024 by Erica Sokolik

Ignite Academy represents hope for students like Dominik and their families. For Dominik’s Grandmother Soheila, the program is incredibly important because it brings out generosity and kindness in students and provides a sense of safety.

When my kids were little, there was nothing like this. It shows kindness in the world. It shows support. Positivity. Kids need it. – The program is the backbone that the kids need. The teachers and Family System Navigators are like angels with no wings. The staff supports us emotionally, refers us to community services, and help in every possible way that they can without embarrassing us or making us feel different. This program is a big support for my grandson because when he comes home, he doesn’t have stress. My grandchild is happy. Sometimes you know your kid is feeling miserable because they are being bullied or have other problems at school. But the Ignite Academy program makes things better; you can tell his body is happy, his face is happy, and is not feeling miserable. Kids really need this program because it really works. It makes a difference and for a better future and a better world, this program is really necessary.

Soheila, Dominik’s Grandmother

What is Ignite Academy

Ignite Academy is a solution for the Cradle to Career strategy targeting milestones of literacy proficiency by grade 3 and mathematics proficiency by grade 6. Research shows that children not meeting grade 3 reading standards are less likely to graduate high school and those children not achieving grade 6 math standards are less likely to pursue higher education.

A Typical Day at Ignite Academy

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