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Why should you donate to Ignite Academy? Research tells us that children who are proficient in reading in Grade 3 are more likely to graduate from high school, and children who are proficient in math by Grade 6 are more likely to complete a postsecondary program.

Supporting Kids from Cradle to Career

Growing evidence shows that literacy and numeracy are strong predictors of a child’s long-term achievement. Ignite Academy, a new locally designed solution, is initially supporting 360 students this fall at six program sites starting in September.

Ignite Academy is being delivered within neighbourhood school communities in Downtown Windsor, West Windsor and Leamington at General Brock, Begley, Immaculate Conception, St. James, St. Louis and Queen Elizabeth elementary schools.

With your donation, kids will have access to:

  • Certified teachers to help them meet provincial standards in math and literacy outside of school hours
  • Regular, preventative mental wellness sessions
  • Social workers to connect families to community resources
  • Culturally appropriate and multi-lingual services and information
  • Individual and group social mentoring
  • Recreational, arts and cultural enrichment
  • Engagement opportunities for their parents

Why It Matters:

Research tells us that children who are proficient in reading in Grade 3 are more likely to graduate from high school, and children who are proficient in math by Grade 6 are more likely to complete a postsecondary program.

By supporting United Way, you’re directly investing in the community’s Cradle to Career strategy, which includes Ignite Academy. We are proud to be among the 40+ partners who are working together to unlock youth potential in our community – with your help.

In West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington:

  • Families are facing higher rates of housing and food insecurity, unemployment and language barriers.
  • Only half of the residents in these neighbourhoods have some form of postsecondary education, which impacts access to opportunities for families.
  • 36% of children were below the provincial standard in both reading and writing, and 58% of children were behind in math.
  • Over 36% of food bank users are children, and food insecurity is shown to negatively impact cognitive development and academic achievement.

Ignite Academy will help:

  • Improve math and literacy skills
  • Improve school attendance and program participation
  • Improve self-esteem, leadership skills and peer relationships
  • Encourage kids to become more physically active

Ignite Academy is a ProsperUs Community Solution

Ignite Academy is the very first Cradle to Career solution to come out of ProsperUs and the community consultation process. The solution was co-designed by neighbourhood residents with lived experience, front-line service providers, researchers, and other content experts.

What is ProsperUs and how is United Way connected?

United Way is the backbone organization proudly powering the work of the community collective called ProsperUs, a group of 40+ organizations in Windsor and Essex County focused on unlocking youth potential so that a generation from now, we can eliminate childhood poverty.

Over the past few years, many of Windsor-Essex County’s most influential leaders have come together to identify a roadmap for change and make a pledge to the future of our community. A firm commitment was made to align community resources to ensure that the most vulnerable, and the most promising members of our population – our children and youth – succeed in their education, career and life.

Hear what the Community Action Network residents have to say about the solution they helped to build

When a child’s passion is ignited, they believe in themselves. They’re curious, they ask questions, and their confidence grows.” Rose, Leamington Resident

May 31, 2022

ProsperUs Collective launches first Cradle to Career solution

RELEASE & VIDEO: ProsperUs, a collective of Windsor-Essex community partners is launching Ignite Academy, a new out-of-school solution designed to improve math and literacy skills for children between Grades 2 and 7, while providing wrap-around support for families. A large gathering of community partners celebrated the long-awaited announcement at General Brock Public School.

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We love where we live and want our kids to succeed.

By donating to United Way, you’re supporting the community’s Cradle to Career strategy.

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