Donors expect more these days.  You want to know that your dollars are making a difference – that they are solving a problem.  United Way is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in need every day.  Here are some of the ways we are working to create sustainable change in Windsor and Essex County:

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP – We have a strategic vision that supports some of the most vulnerable members of our community, through our partner organizations, direct to individuals through our Emergency Assistance Fund, and other United Way projects.  Our work is focused on reducing poverty, supporting kids and families, and strengthening neighbourhoods. 

The focus of our work is determined through a broad community consultation process and is supported by community data, including an assessment of where gaps in services may exist in the community. The complexity of issues the community faces today requires a higher level of expertise. Our knowledge and research on community conditions makes us well positioned to help achieve positive, lasting change in the community.

STRATEGIC INVESTMENT & RESULTS - We invest in non-profit organizations, which are selected based on their ability to achieve impact in changing community conditions for the better.  We hold each organization accountable to achieving results.  

Not every organization is good at fundraising. So, to make sure important work gets done, United Way is there.  Funds raised in Windsor-Essex County stay in Windsor-Essex County, supporting local programs.  Of the 44,000 people helped by United Way last year, over 6,200 were from the County.

CAPACITY-BUILDING – We are partners in driving positive change through training and developing skills of people working at partner agencies, developing strategies to address challenges in our community, and bringing community partners to the table to solve them.  We also bring together volunteers to harness the caring power of our community.

United Way provides various training & consulting services to the broader community upon request.  We also act as a sponsor agency for several important community strategies, such as the Windsor/Essex County Community Garden Collective.

FUNDRAISING EXCELLENCE – With United Way, it’s easy to make a difference in the community by running a fundraising campaign at your organization, to encourage team building and civic engagement through volunteer opportunities, and to learn about the issues facing our community.  United Way has some of the lowest fundraising costs in the sector, and is accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program.  Accreditation is given to charities that demonstrate excellence in five areas, including fundraising and financial transparency.





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