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The Think Global Act Local Program has been designed as a tool for educators and students in Windsor Essex County to understand issues in our community, and learn how United Way helps to improve the quality of life and create a more vibrant, thriving community for residents of  Windsor-Essex County. Classroom teachers are also invited to apply for funding up to $1,000 for student-led projects that will benefit residents in Windsor-Essex County.


What is Think Global Act Local?

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Classroom Program 

Classroom Program Curriculum Connections

About United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County

Classroom Instructions Grades 4-6

Classroom Instructions Grades 7-9

Classroom Instructions Grades 10-12

Understanding the Impacts of Poverty | PDFPowerPoint

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Project Funding 

Application Guidelines and Instructions

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Think Global Act Local Video 


What is Think Global Act Local?

United Way is an important part of Windsor and Essex County. The services, support and education provided through United Way touch many lives, including some individuals in your school community.

Think Global Act Local Program  has been designed  as a tool for educators and students in Windsor Essex County to understand issues in our community, and learn how United Way helps to improve the quality of life and creates a more vibrant, thriving community for residents of  Windsor-Essex County.

Please note that the implementation of the educational component of this program is strongly recommended in all classrooms. As a secondary component of the program, classrooms are invited to develop a project idea, and apply for funding following implementation of the program. This funding opportunity is in partnership with the Greater Essex County District School Board, Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board, and Conseil scolaire catholique Providence! 


What are the objectives of this program? 

  • Raise awareness by educating students about issues impacting individuals and families in Windsor-Essex County.

  • Create a board-wide initiative whereby students participate in a United Way learning opportunity that is educational, fun, meaningful and easy for teachers to coordinate in the classroom.

  • Students develop empathy for others so that they learn to give back to others and their community.

  • Provide financial resources for teachers to support a classroom program that strengthens character development of students in Windsor-Essex Schools


Classroom Program Component

Watch the video, and begin the learning!

During the creation of this initiative, United Way wanted to ensure that students and teachers had a strong visual component to assist in their learning of the impacts of poverty faced by local residents. The video does an excellent job of highlighting the issues and needs facing individuals in our community and the United Way's role in improving lives. 

United Way has made an effort to create learning for most elementary and secondary grades. This year, there are specific classroom instructions that have been created for grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Classrooms are also invited to all take part in an interactive learning activity following their class discussions from the Real-Life Scenarios. 

The Real-Life Scenario Handouts provide an opportunity to focus on a particular issue or need within the community.  Students are encouraged to think about how both these issues and needs impact individuals in our community and how each student may be able to help.

Students will have the opportunity to teach other students about the issue or need on which they focused. This allows students to demonstrate and practice their leadership and presentation skills.

Apply for a Think Global Act Local Project Funding presented by
United Way/Centraide of Windsor-Essex County

This is an opportunity for teachers and students to receive up to $1,000.00 toward an idea that benefits residents in Windsor-Essex County. This is a chance to get creative, and be inspired from the classroom learning. Please note that it's expected that classrooms who apply for the Project Funding have completed the Classroom Component. 

Application Guidelines and Instructions 

Please note applications for all Windsor Essex Schools are due Monday, February 22, 2016. Please read this document carefully. Please be advised that the online applications must be submitted at one time. The following is the list of questions that are asked:

  1. Describe your project idea thoroughly. What do you plan to do?
  2. Who will your project benefit in Windsor-Essex? Name the client population that your project aims to reach.
  3. What long-term outcome do you hope to achieve in the community?
  4. What United Way priority area does your project fall under? (DROP BOX w/ 3 priorities – Poverty to Possibility, All That Kids Can Be, Strong Communities). Please explain how your project aligns with this priority area.
  5. Describe the steps that you will take to implement your project idea successfully.
  6. What do you need to help implement your project? Please list all materials needed and associated costs using the format: item name (quantity x cost per item) = total cost.





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