Alleyway Revitalization Report

Alley Revitalization Report Cover

Alleyway Revitalization As a Key to Community Development in the City of Windsor aims to stimulate conversation around the potential for alleyways to become an opportunity for neighbourhood revitalization in Windsor’s core.

The report was created based on questions brought forward by residents from United Way’s four Neighbourhood Engagement Strategy partners, including Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative, Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal, Our West End, and The Initiative: Glengarry to Marentette, Neighbour to Neighbour.

The Alleyway Revitalization report examines the state of existing alleys and offers suggestions on how other communities have turned alleys into vibrant spaces that add value for residents and generate additional tax revenue or cost cutting opportunities for municipalities by re-purposing some alleys for other uses. The report also proposes City policy changes that could help to fuel revitalization efforts.

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