Emergency Assistance Fund

In 2013, United Way established an Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) that provides support directly to individuals.  It came about as a result of donors reaching out for help and not being able to access it - historically United Way only funded agency-delivered programs.  Now the EAF - the fund of last resort – is available, and if the individual qualifies, support is provided.

How exactly does the Emergency Assistance Fund work?

Family Service Windsor-Essex (FSWE), one of our partners, is the third party organization which processes the requests and makes the final decision about who receives support.  United Way is not part of the decision making process. 

FSWE reviews the need to see if there are other funders – government or other organizations - who could support the request.  If another organization can help, the individual would be assisted with the process of connecting with that organization.  If there is no other opportunity for support, then based on the availability of funds and the assessment of need, a decision is made as to whether it will be funded.

Get Help

If you are seeking Emergency Assistance funds, please download, print, and complete the application form

Once you have completed the form, you may submit it to Family Services Windsor-Essex for review and approval by:

Mail:    Family Services Windsor-Essex
            1770 Langlois Avenue, Windsor, Ontario  N8X 4M5, or
Fax:     519-256-5258; Attention: Customer Care Department, or 
Email:  info@fswe.ca

If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact Family Services Windsor-Essex at 519-966-5010.

In order to be eligible for Emergency Assistance Funding, you must be able to demonstrate that you have exhausted other available funding opportunities.

Emergency Assistance is available to residents of Windsor-Essex County only. It is not available to organizations. Emergency Assistance funds can only be approved once during a twelve month period and the maximum amount available is $5,000. Please ensure you attach supporting documentation to the application.

How we're helping 

Cold House

Catherine's Story

Windsor, ON - Catherine's health began to decline and she was forced to take some time off work. While at home focussing on her health, Catherine's furnace broke down. Living on a fixed income, Catherine could not afford the thousands of dollars it would cost to replace the unit. She decided to reach out for help. United Way's Emergency Assistance Fund worked with local business Reliance Home Comfort to get Catherine a brand new furnace.

"The program warmed more than my home," says Catherine. "It warmed my heart." 







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