Martin Sobocan: Early lessons on giving back last a lifetime

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Martin Sobocan (apron) of Sobocan Insurance and Financial Services representing London Life and Quadrus Investments serves up food and laughs at the Advocis Poor Boy Luncheon supporting Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Philanthropy is often passed down through generations. Children frequently learn about the importance of giving and helping others from their parents. This was the case for United Way Major Gift donor Martin Sobocan. When he was a young boy, Sobocan’s parents took him with them to buy shoes for a boy who lived in the West End and didn’t have decent winter shoes. It was at that moment that he realized that it was important to help people who were not as fortunate as he was.

Whether it was running a can drive as a teenager at Assumption High School, spending 12 years on the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation Board, donating Christmas meals to the Children’s Aid Society, volunteering at the Advocis Poor Boy Luncheon supporting Cystic Fibrosis Canada or sponsoring the Canadian Mental Health Association Go Green golf tournament, Martin Sobocan has lived a life of helping others according to his mantra “Do something every day to help people.”

Sobocan first engaged with United Way as a workplace donor and has remained involved for close to 25 years. A past United Way Cabinet member who has run many office campaigns, most recently at Freedom 55 Financial, he strongly believes in the focus of United Way funded programs aimed at improving the prosperity of Windsor-Essex County and its residents.

Trust is an important part of financial decisions and Martin is quick to say that United Way has his trust when it comes to where his donation is put to work.

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“One of the big reasons why I donate to United Way and believe in United Way is that the money is put to good purpose,” says Sobocan. “There’s not a lot of waste in the money, it stays locally in the community and there is accountability for the money and as an advisor I like that.”

Sobocan is very humble about his philanthropy and often downplays all that he does, although taking a walk down memory lane recounting his past volunteer projects and the people he helped made Martin break out into a huge smile. He encourages others to consider giving back in any way they can, commenting, “You grow as a person. As much as you give, you seem to always get a lot back.”

Posted January 12, 2017

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