Taking Back Our Neighbourhoods Report

Mapping the need for neighbourhood revitalization
Using data gathered from the previous three censuses (2011, 2006, 2001) United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County, in partnership with the Great Lakes Institute of Environmental Research (GLIER), has mapped a number of the socio-economic indicators that have shaped Windsor and Essex County. Over the last decade of census data, poverty levels have become more concentrated in certain neighbourhoods in Windsor and Essex County.

Windsor and Essex County do not exist in a vacuum from each other and from the world. If we truly hope to compete economically and socially on a global stage, we cannot allow areas of our communities to continue into further decline. Only by working together and strategically targeting resources can we hope to solve this entrenched and structural poverty in our region.

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At the link below you can find the maps for a wide range of indicators for Windsor and Essex County. These maps are  available for download. Please refer to the "Commentary About the Data" section of the report above for an explanation and some caveats about the underlying data and mapping process. 

You can download the maps for WINDSOR and all of ESSEX COUNTY.

The Poverty by Place Index combines much of the data that has been outlined in the maps above into a single map. This map illustrates the areas of Windsor-Essex County that are most at risk of place-based poverty by illustrating concentrations of risk factors within specific geographic spaces. The Poverty by Place Index map is a tool to illustrate the overall need in our community and to help prioritize activities going forward.


Poverty by Place Windsor.jpg


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