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An anti-poverty simulation

How do you make important financial decisions when you have limited resources? Breaking the Cycle participants will have to budget their resources over a four-month period, navigating unexpected bills, and choosing what type of housing, food and transportation to provide for their family. This is a virtual activity facilitated as a group.   

Participants will get a better understanding of the experiences of families living in low-income in our community. You will also learn about how United Way is supporting these children and families, and how you can help.

Breaking the Cycle is facilitated online by United Way staff and can take an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the size of the group. There is no maximum number of participants, although we do suggest keeping your group to a size that allows for meaningful discussion at the end of the experience. 

Breaking the Cycle is a great way to introduce your employees to United Way’s work before participating in a Volunteering-to-You activity. 

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