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Executive Mentorship Program

The Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) is designed to provide graduates of On Track to Success, who are currently enrolled in post-secondary, with a meaningful and gainful mentorship opportunity over the summer.

The program runs for six weeks, with students being financially compensated for 20 hours of work per week. In addition, mentees were paid for a 30-hour pre-mentorship training which highlighted topics such as professional conduct, workplace communication, conflict resolution, personal branding, and interview skills.

What is so unique to EMP is that in addition to providing real life experiences and applicable skills within a student’s chosen field, we go even further by developing professional competency, confidence and practical skill development in order to foster long-term career readiness.

Kaila DiCecco, Program Facilitator

The Executive Mentorship Program brings real opportunities to students

Gede, who is studying Environmental Sciences at the University of Windsor and who was placed with the City of Windsor, called his mentor “the best boss in the world” noting that her guidance made a significant impact on his personal and professional growth.

Of the EMP program and his mentor, Gede wrote “I’m truly grateful for all of the valuable lessons and insights that were shared with me, as they have shaped my perspective and fueled my enthusiasm for making a difference in environmental sustainability.”

EMP is different than a regular placement because at its core, it is about mentorship.

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