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United Way of Windsor-Essex has a 65 year history in our community as a funder, community planner and capacity builder for the voluntary sector. Our long history has resulted in millions of dollars being invested in services that support children and youth, individuals and families, persons with disabilities and seniors in the Essex County.
United Way of Windsor-Essex County funds programs/services that focus on prevention such as recreation and social skills development programs for children and youth, many provide temporary supports for people in need such as food banks and food cooperatives. United Way supports three strategic investment priorities:
To ensure that residents of Windsor-Essex County have access to food, shelter and other necessities that support and transition individuals and families towards greater independence.
To provide opportunities to develop positive social and cognitive skills and to educate and support parents and kids to build stronger families.
To inspire residents to participate and contribute to their neighbourhood, and create a sense of ownership that improves neighbourhood conditions.
In the fall of 2004, United Way / Centraide Windsor-Essex County launched an unparalleled community engagement and visioning process enabling over 3600 residents to share their voice. This process included leadership interviews, community forums, stakeholder focus groups and the Together We Dream on-line survey, paper survey and 211 telephone survey. This process required thousands of hours of work by hundreds of dedicated volunteers and staff who were guided by a single vision - to improve the quality of life for the people in Windsor-Essex County.
The culmination of this entire process is a blueprint for action for Windsor-Essex County, a way to use our collective strength and capacity, working together for lasting change. As a result of the community conversations and surveys, residents have told us what is most important to them, the priorities they want us to focus on. Agencies, funders and key stakeholders have taken these priorities a step further and identified results, desired outcomes we want for Windsor-Essex by 2015, and the indicators that can be used to track our progress. United Way has compiled community data on the priorities. We have researched best practices and strategies that target the underlying causes of these social issues. This extensive engagement process resulted in the identification of community priorities and community outcomes. 
United Way's task was to take the community priorities and determine the areas of focus for future planning over the course of the next five years. This task was accomplished by conducting an analysis of the underlying causes that inhibit the achievement of community outcomes, research and analysis of current demographic trends across Windsor-Essex and identifying the Mandates of other Funders. By working closely with regional issue experts and reviewing best and/or promising practice from across Canada and the United States, United Way identified its Community Investment Priorities and Strategic Areas of Focus.
United Way/Centraide of Windsor-Essex County is a community solutions leader, working with agencies, government, business and labour to find lasting solutions to health and human service issues that affect people in Windsor-Essex County. We recognize that, working together, we can do more, we can find the answers to problems and respond to the opportunities presented to us.
We engage volunteers who are committed to making a difference in their community through a variety of roles - from governance, fundraising and fund allocations to community planning, volunteer training and skills development.

United Way is an independent organization managed by a Board of Directors which is representative of the community. United Way holds itself accountable for investing time and money wisely and delivering measurable results. We adhere to rigorous accounting standards and we continue to seek ways to reduce costs and increase investment in our community. Supporting United Way/Centraide is the most effective way to invest in Windsor-Essex County to create positive, lasting change.
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United Way Canada-Centraide Canada acts as a voice for the 126 independent, community-based United Way's in Canada. Members pay dues for the right to use the United Way logo, name, and access to programs and services.


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